Mis primeros recuerdos fotográficos se remontan a mi infancia, cuando acompañaba a mi padre y mi abuelo en el cuarto oscuro que tenía mi abuelo Pacho en el altillo de su casa.

ezequiel laprida
© Leo Koller

My first photographic memories go back to my childhood, when I accompanied my father and grandfather in the darkroom that my grandfather Pacho had in his attic.
Living in San Martin de los Andes since I was 8, I was always in touch with nature. I started working in the Club Lacar's mountain school Lacar in 2004, and in xxxx I assumed as director with my partner Martin Gómez.
I dabbled in photography recording the activities we were doing with my students, but as with everything I do, I like to learn, so I bought my first DSLR, I did several courses with Pablo Camperi and Eliseo Miciu and studied a lot on my own .
I participate El Bondi photography group, having made ​​several exhibitions within this group.
As a photographer, my work is split mostly between adventure racing (www.fotosdeaventura.com ) and Chapelco Ski Resort, in winter.
For most of my photos choose B&W, because it simplifies the image, and the contrasts and textures that can be achieved, although, of course, there are pictures that benefit from the color.
Recently I dabbled in the fine art printing.

In 2013 I received a Bronze Award in the EPSON International Pano Awards

Previows works:

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